About Us

Sankalp farms is a family owned enterprise established since 1986 and spread across 170 acres. The farm is situated midway between Mumbai and Pune. It is nestled amidst the picturesque ranges of the Sahyadris on the shores of the pristine Gibbs / Andra Lake. The land forms a Peninsula having approx. 4 kms of water frontage. The isolation of the farm from all types of pollutions has allowed it to function in its own micro environment creating a mini ecological system unique to its region.

The farm is home to 10,000 mangoes trees, 8,000 cashews trees and 6000 guava trees which are certified organic by ECOCERT. Along with various vegetables and herbs which are cultivated using hi-tech methods of farm management and are nurtured organically. Apart from this, Sankalp Farms has 25 acres of roses and gerberas cultivated under protected environment. It also serves as a habitat for the local flora and fauna to flourish.

This endeavour was conceived to create a responsible means of livelihood for the locals and restrict migration to the urban areas.


To create a sustainable model of Agribusiness which shall bring it to the forefront of the national economy while having a better, healthier and organic future for the next generations and fulfilling our responsibility towards Mother Nature by preserving the ecological balance.

Mission Statement

To be recognized as a leading producer and marketer of agricultural produce on a domestic as well as on an international platform. To provide a peaceful gateway for the city dwellers and help them connect with the nature through Agro-Tourism.