The fruits grown at the farm are ECOCERT certified organic using a perfect blend of modern and traditional techniques. Our modern techniques include rain water harvesting, drip irrigation for water management and pheromone traps for pest control. Our traditional method include using composting of the biomass produced at the farm along with a combination of cow dung and cow urine to produce an organic fertilizer for the nourishments of the trees which give us the finest quality of Organic produce.

Our popular fruit is the organic Mango. Sankalp Farms cultivates over 5 varieties of luscious, tasty, certified organic farm fresh mangoes grown and ripened at our farm. Alphonso and Kesar are the predominant variety grown along with exotic mangoes such as Vanraaj, Amrapali, Mallika, Sindhu, Ratna and Pairi. The fruits of these varieties can be enjoyed as fresh fruits during the season and the canned pulp can be enjoyed during the off season.

Along with mangoes we also have Organic cashews which are harvested before the rains and stored in the kernel shells and processed after the rains. This helps is avoid dampening of the nuts and improve its shelf life. They are graded and sold according to the size of the nut but the taste remains the same across all grades.

Organic guava is a new variety to our basket we have recently planted 6000 trees and are bearing the fruits of our hard work. Besides the above dominant varieties we also grow fruits such as banana, papaya, pineapple, strawberry at a smaller scale of 500 trees per fruits.

Recently we have put up our very own processing unit which is under organic certification process and we will be packaging these fruits into various products such as Pulps, fruit spreads, Juices, Fruit bar, dehydrated fruits, so that you can enjoy your favorite fruit all year long. Our products not only will be certified organic but also fruitful.