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The Kitchen Garden

Increase in the use of various pesticides and chemicals in agriculture have given rise to the need for Organic Farming to have a sustainable and ecologically friendly environment for the generations to come. One such farm to practice organic and chemical free farming is the ECO Cert certified Sankalp Farms. Here the members of the organisation realised the importance of Organic Farming and have adapted various organic techniques at the farm for the past 5-6 garden

Recently this organisation has started a new venture under the name of Sankalp Agritech where they give people the experience of growing their own vegetables in their individual capacity.

kitchen garden iconFarming is the oldest profession of India. 60 % of the total population are still associated with the field of agriculture. Sankalp Agritech provides total solution to the Indian Farmer to grow various fruits and vegetables in the Organic way. The city dwellers depend on these farmers to grow their daily quota of fruits and vegetables. Sankalp Agritech provides complete support to them.

kitchen garden iconSimilarly, we encourage the Urban Farmers who wish to produce various fruits and vegetables for their own home consumption. It could be a small patch of land in their backyard or society compound or in pots in their own window sill

Sankalp Agritech currently offers 32 varieties of best quality seeds and the list keeps increasing as per the demand of the vegetables.

kitchen garden iconThis enterprise is aimed at allowing the urban population to associate with nature as well as derive the pleasure of growing the vegetables of their choice under hygienic conditions.  It also helps the next generation to experience farming at a young age so that they can appreciate nature first hand.

Sankalp Agritech not only provides you with all the above materials required for your kitchen gardening, but also complete knowledge about how the grow and take care of your vegetation garden icon

So give us a shout and we will help you sprout.